Five Tools to Take Back Your Time  

 You know things need to change, but you never seem to have the time…  

 In spite of all of the hours you work, the most important things fall to the wayside. You’re watching the hours pile up and no matter how hard you work, you can’t find the time to do the things you know are necessary for this business of yours.  

If you’re like most growing businesses, you probably only spend 20% of your time on growth related strategies. The rest goes to putting out fires, attending countless meetings and navigating every day challenges.  

But time is money! What if you could spend 40, 60 or even 80% of your time on what actually drives results? What kind of return would you see in your business?  

Action or overwhelm. The choice is yours. 

I Want My Workbook

If you feel overwhelmed with the day to day business, struggle on what to focus on next and are paralyzed by procrastination - The What Is Overwhelm Costing You workbook will change everything for you!  

It will show you exactly how to:

  • Establish boundaries
  • Build routines that work for you
  • Harness your energy
  • Focus on what's most important
  • Avoid distractions  

Time is your most important asset and the longer you stay in a state of chaos and lack of direction; the less time you focus on what really drives your business forward.

 Remember it all starts with you. Once you take control of your schedule, you can determine where your time is best spent. And time is money.  

I Want My Workbook

Working with my coach helped me to identify where I should be focusing my time. With clarity, I was able to invest more of my time on my business and have since made great decisions to help it grow- Founder and CEO, Custom Apparel

I needed help with a new territory and staying focused on revenue generating projects. My coach supported me in building a plan and getting traction to make this a reality- Banking, Manulife 

About Angela  

Angela Braun is a certified coach, accredited project manager, PMP, and time management expert with twenty years of experience working for a global corporation. With expertise in leadership, employee engagement, operational efficiency and multiple projects spanning technology, multi million global construction developments and live marketing; she is passionate about supporting busy leaders build a harmonious relationship with time, so they can grow with ease and simplicity.